Notes when buying old portable wood saws that you need to know

Portable wood saws are devices that many consumers prefer. Because It is used to cut logs and dry branches easily and effectively. Moreover, You will take a little effort to cut by this saw.

In the tool market, manufacturers have produced a lot of extremely modern saws with different designs, sizes, and colors to meet customers’ needs. However, the cost of these modern products is extremely expensive, not everyone can buy. Therefore, the demand to buy and sell old saws is increasingly popular now. It is suitable for those who want to use a saw without being able to buy a new saw.

However, because old hand saws are sold a lot of places like shops and agents, you will easily encounter the poor quality machines or high prices. So, To buy old portable saw machines that ensure quality, please refer to the article below. Let’s discover!

Highlights of portable wood saws

Powerful operation.

Sawing speed is very strong and fast.

Aesthetic saw surface, smooth and without sawtooth shape.

The diverse design of models.

Meeting the demand for wood saws with a large body to a small body.

Very high working efficiency.

Save time and effort for users.

Pros and Cons of old wood saws

After talking about some highlights of wood saws. I will start to tell you about the pros and cons of old saws.


  • Save more costs with new machines.
  • Various models of portable wood saws.
  • Easy to buy rare machines.
  • Solve the need to use.
  • When reselling, there is still not much devaluation.

Some cons when buying old machines are:

  • The performance of the machine is reduced.
  • Easy to buy wrong machines with poor quality, effective when working with saws is not high.
  • Many types of machines are difficult to find, replace components and spare parts.

Things to note when buying old portable wood saws.

Just like when you need to buy a new machine, you need to consider some problems when buying an old sawing machine. In particular, the old machine should be more careful in choosing.

To choose the old portable wood saw, consider the following issues:

Brand of the old sawing machine

Why pay attention to the brand when buying old saws? Because branding is a major determinant of product quality. With the old saw machines originating from Japan, Germany will have more stable quality, more durable than the old machines originating from China.

Because the new portable wood saw machine of Japan has a durability of up to 10 years, meanwhile, users only use it for about 1.2 years and then resell, there is still a long time of use. You will be more secure in quality and durability. Conversely, with old Chinese saws that will be very fast to be damaged, you will even have to buy a new machine when using it only a few times.

In addition, you should also note, only buy old machines with popular brands, easily search and replace spare parts. Avoiding the purchase of rare and antique machines, when needed to replace, cannot find parts and accessories.


When deciding to buy an old portable wood saw, what you care about most is definitely the price of the product. Because of financial constraints, you decide to buy an old machine. However, you should also note, do not be too concerned about the price or the desire to buy a cheap saw but forget that the quality of the device is very important.

When choosing old portable wood saws, the price needs to be coupled with quality. You can choose an old, stable quality machine with a low price but can’t choose a too cheap but poor quality machine.

Normally, the older machines have better quality, the higher the usage will have the higher the price. Depending on your needs and abilities, you will choose the most suitable old portable wood saw.

Shops, agents selling old hand saws

Pay attention to the old wood saw shops and agents that you can’t ignore.  You will be really secure and satisfied when buying at reputable stores. There, they will commit to quality, durability, warranty policy and prices.

If you buy old portable wood saws at unreliable stores, when something goes wrong, they won’t solve it for you. Therefore, you should know carefully and only buy old hand saws in the most prestigious places.

In conclusion

I have given some notes for those of you wishing to buy a quality old sawing machine. Hope it will useful for you.

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